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Thanks for being a tenant of BHA Homes.

Your home is so important to you that we will do all we can to make sure you enjoy it to the full.  Home is where our heart is and with BHA Homes you have a pleasant and safe home for as long as you want it. Make the most of it and enjoy.

Of course, there are some simple rules:


You pay your rent, keep your home in good order and be a good neighbour.


We carry out repairs needed, maintain you home and neighbourhood to a high standard, give you a direct say in what we do and invest in improving life and opportunities for you and your family.

Here's quick access to some home essentials

Latest News and Events

Sometimes making small changes to our daily routine and how we use appliances can save money. We have decided to post a simple energy saving tip every week that could save YOU money.


Don't leave appliances on standby when they are not in use - switch them off at the wall.
This could save you up to 37p per week which amounts to £19 per year!
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***BHA Skip & Scrap Event in Cockburnspath Next Week***
It will take place on Wednesday 5th August 2015. The skip will be available for BHA tenants to dispose of rubbish between 8:30am - 3pm at the Croftsacre car park.
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Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

Fraudsters are targeting companies by cold calling and first asking the person answering the phone to “confirm” the address, telephone number, and other information.

The fraudsters are claiming it’s for a listing the company has in the yellow pages, or a similar business directory. If the recipient of the call provides this information, the organisation shortly receives an urgent “invoice” for the cost of the alleged directory listing.

In many cases, the business receiving the invoice will simply pay the bill without questioning the charge. If the charge is questioned, the fraudster may threaten that they have a County Court Judgement against the business and that they are sending the bailiffs round.

How can I protect my business?
Take the following steps to protect your company from business directory fraud:
• Train staff to spot this scam especially the “verification” phone calls, in staff meetings, on bulletin boards and email alerts. Special attention should be given to employees who answer phones for the organisation or who have authority to write checks on behalf of the organisation.
• Verify existing arrangements for business directory listings before paying invoices for such services. If you’re not sure you’ve ordered such a service, don’t pay the bill.
• Don’t be fooled by the “walking fingers” logo or the name “Yellow Pages,” as neither is trademarked or unique to any particular company.
• Be wary of any invoice that arrives without a phone number or mailing address for the company allegedly billing for the listing service. Even if such information is on the invoice, check up on the business to ensure that it actually exists.

If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it online or by telephone 0300 123 2040.
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