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Thanks for being a tenant of BHA Homes.

Your home is so important to you that we will do all we can to make sure you enjoy it to the full.  Home is where our heart is and with BHA Homes you have a pleasant and safe home for as long as you want it. Make the most of it and enjoy.

Of course, there are some simple rules:


You pay your rent, keep your home in good order and be a good neighbour.


We carry out repairs needed, maintain you home and neighbourhood to a high standard, give you a direct say in what we do and invest in improving life and opportunities for you and your family.

Here's quick access to some home essentials

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This weeks ENERGY SAVING TIP is:
Try to fill the washing machine (Full loads) rather than doing MORE half loads...surpirisingly this could save you up to £28 per year......
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Residents from Linkim Court and Boston Court Gathered today at Gowanlea to commemorate remembrance day. ... See moreSee less

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