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My Voice

Adaptable Adventurous and creative

No one knows more about home and community than you – our tenant.

That’s why we want you to have a say on what we do and how we do it.  BHA is determined to make the best decisions possible. How do we set our rents? How do we make life better and easier for you? What can we do more of or less of?  These decisions affect your life.

Join the TENANT VOLUNTEERS and we will ask for your views on things first. No matter what you say, your name will be kept out of it. How good is that? We want to hear from all tenants – younger and older, married and single, with and without families, able-bodied and disabled, local or non-local, it’s important that we listen to different voices.

As a TENANT VOLUNTEER we will regularly ask you what you think on a range of issues. And, how much you want to be involved. That’s your choice too.

If you want to tell us something directly please visit our Contact Us page