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Right to Buy

Right to Buy ends for ex-Berwickshire District Council Tenants on 1st August 2016

If you were an ex –Berwickshire District Council tenant and have had no breaks or changes in your tenancy you will still have the right to buy your home. This will end on 1st August 2016 due to changes set out by the Scottish Government. If you would still like to buy your home you must submit an application to buy before 1st August 2016. Please contact our Finance Department on 01361 884000 if you would like to consider this option.

Please note this only applies to tenancies transferred to BHA from Berwickshire District Council in August 1995. 

Modernised Right to Buy – Suspended until September 2022

In the Borders we need, more than ever, homes at a rent people can afford. These are difficult times and demand for rented homes is growing. That’s why the proposal to the Scottish Government to suspend our tenants’ Right to Buy (RTB) for ten years was upheld.

We know this will affect some tenants who had plans to buy their BHA home and we hope they understand that our decision was based on the greater good in an especially difficult economic climate.

For more information about why Right to Buy has been suspended and on the process we followed to get Scottish Government approval contact Jean Gray, Director of Customer Services at BHA, 55 Newtown Street Duns, Berwickshire TD11 3AU Telephone: 01361 884000 Email: jean.gray@bhagroup.org.uk.